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Technology influencing the future of wellness benefits: survey

Employers will rely more on technology to shape and analyze their future wellness offerings, according to a global workforce well-being survey by consultancy Buck. The survey, which polled more than 250 employers, found the majority of organizations are planning to offer workplace health competitions (62 per cent), stress management programs (60 per cent), workplace environment improvements (58 per cent), online courses and training for healthy lifestyles (57 per cent) and online decision-support tools (52 per cent).

Employers also reported they intend to apply predictive analytics (50 per cent), incentive tools and tracking (44 per cent), a comprehensive portal (59 per cent) and decision support tools (53 per cent) to their benefits programs. Today, organizations have more insight on how to promote wellness because they can easily collect and interpret data through technology, says Ruth Hunt, a principal in the engagement practice at Buck. Indeed, the survey found an increase in confidence among employers, with 40 per cent reporting they’ve achieved a culture of well-being in 2018, compared to 33 per cent in 2016.

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Article provided by: Jann Lee from Benefits Canada | December 10, 2018